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Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022: The top engineering schools based on the NIRF rating, the placement-based ranking, and the fee-based ranking are provided below if you’re seeking a list of the best engineering colleges in India for the year 2022.

Approximately 67 percent of students in India are interested in pursuing engineering as a profession.

Many students in India have their hearts set on attending engineering institutes. The top IITs and NITs are the engineering schools that, in terms of quality, offer the best education in the discipline of engineering.

All students who chose to study at engineering colleges during their higher secondary exams and who chose the science stream should be worried about the requirements and the process for admission.

Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022:

1) Based on NIRF Ranking(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022):

Every year, the Indian government publishes a ranking of all colleges in India as part of the national institutional ranking framework, which is overseen by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development. The colleges included in the NIRF ranking offer a comprehensive overview of the institution’s various aspects. The MHRD expert committee compiles the ranking results, and the overall ranking criteria are based on a set of guidelines that must be followed as deciding factors.

S. No. Top 10 engineering colleges in India NIRF Ranking  Score
1 Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 1 90.22
2 Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi 2 88.94
3 Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 3 85.17
4 Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 4 83.24
5 Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 5 82.04
6 Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee 6 73.09
7 Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati 7 73.82
8 Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad 8 67.60
9 National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli 9 66.07
10 National Institute of Technology, Karnataka 10 63.20

2) Based on placement records(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022):

The placement has turned into a crucial aspect for an institute as India places more emphasis on the private sector. It is a good college because it offers high-quality education and places every student it graduates. The process of your career is not completed with theoretical understanding or an engineering degree. One must overcome challenges during placement times, which are typically on campus. One can always join the government organizations by preparing for the government exams if they do not want to participate in the placement. The placement records don’t have to stay the same as the years go by. Rates vary from one year to the next.

S.No Name of the college Placement ratings Popular Recruiters for the placement
1 IIT, Kanpur 4.8 Microsoft, Myntra, Flipkart, Mastercard
2 IIT, Madras 4.62 Flipkart, Mahindra, Google, Amazon, Intel
3 IIT, Bombay 4.60 Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Tata, Infosys, standard chartered, dell
4 IIT, Kharagpur 4.51 Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft, TATA, Deloitte, Uber
5 IIT, Delhi 4.43 Microsoft, Google, OYO, Infosys, Apple, ITC Limited, IBM
6 IIT, Roorkee 4.32 Microsoft, Google, Apple, Wipro, Axis bank

3) Based on Fees :

India has a mixed population of rich and poor people, making it difficult for all of the country’s students to afford a top-notch education or to enroll in a prestigious institution. Because of all of these difficulties, most people cannot afford private engineering courses. All public or government institutions offer high-quality education at much lower costs than private universities, which have significantly higher fees. To give a thorough picture of the cost of the courses, which varies between schools, we have supplied course costs for all of the top engineering colleges.

  • Engineering colleges in India except for IIT(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-
S. No. Top engineering colleges in India Private BTech course fee
1 Thapar Institute of engineering and technology, Patiala INR 15.50 Lakhs
2 Bits Pilani INR 12.24 Lakhs
3 Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore INR 8.80 Lakhs
4 Amity University, Noida INR 7.29 Lakhs 
  • Top engineering colleges in India IIT-
S. No. Name of the government colleges BTech course fee
1 Indian Institute of Technology Madras BTech –– INR 9.40 lakh
2 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi BTech —INR 8.04 lakh
3 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur BTech –– INR 8.74 lakh
4 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay BTech— INR 8.93 lakh

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Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

1) Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

It is one of India’s most recognized engineering institutes, and as such, according to the NIRF ranking methodology, it is among the top 10 engineering universities. This university not only employs highly educated instructors but also cutting-edge teaching and real-world application techniques. It is an excellent venue for IIT aspirants.

Each of the 16 hostels has amenities including clean rooms, water coolers, laundry, television systems, CCTV survey lens systems, and access to every Wi-Fi network on campus. Cadbury, Amazon, and Flipkart are well-known companies that offer and provide packages in lakhs, and placement records frequently show a placement rate of 100%.

At IIT Bombay, the placement program and professional board are not only successful but also provide excellent statistics for developing students’ careers. The building’s infrastructure is beautiful and fully functional, including a staff area, library, lecture and seminar rooms, and an E consortium. Additionally, it completes the sports facilities for football, volleyball, tennis, and hockey in order to advance sports.

2) Indian Institute of Technology, Madras(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

Not only have the students acquired a strong technical foundation, but great teaching and advancements in the engineering profession have also increased the faculty’s and the student’s effectiveness. It is a well-known organization with a reputation for excellence and is ranked among the top five engineering schools by the NIRF ranking system. The IIT Madras hostel is furnished with all the essentials, including a beautiful garden that is always kept up and a central library.

There are frequently pre-placement offers and numerous workshops conducted by these firms to hire the students since they are excellent in their technical efficiency and have a very strong practical understanding of their field of engineering. Interaction seminars and internships are additional tools used in the employment process. Students are given job offers based on their main competencies in the marketing, financial, analytical, and strategic areas while also taking their average exam scores into consideration.

3) Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi earned the second spot in the NIRF ranking because to its effective faculty and top-notch course offerings. The knowledge offered is not only admirable but also enhanced technology, allowing both theoretical and practical understanding to advance at the same time.

On campus, there are a total of 11 hostels for boys and 3 hostels for girls. Each hostel has a magnificent launch, gaming areas, computer rooms, and study areas. Over 500 companies visit the campus to hire students, and placements are based on a process.

More than 60% of students are chosen for offers that include a dream package during the placement process, which takes place entirely on campus. In contrast to other IITs, it boasts a stunning robotics lab, a fitness center with swimming pools, and a central library that is always open. The newest technology is used in every laboratory.

4) Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

Like all other IITs, it offers top-notch instruction from deserving instructors who have years of expertise and advanced degrees in their fields. In addition, it is completely equipped with fans that operate in accordance with campus LANs and Wi-Fi.

For the comfort of the students, it is equipped with a washing machine, and each hostel has its own mess hall. The biggest offers are made to students in lakhs, and the average batch income is about 15 LPA.

5) Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

IIT Kanpur receives praise for its extracurricular activities in addition to earning a spot among the top five universities in the NIRF ranking for academic performance.

Students develop their extracurricular skills in addition to improving themselves in the field of engineering.

It provides access to a meeting room and a sizable dining area for the people. The success rate for placement is very high, and wage packages rise arithmetically each year. There are occasionally worldwide corporations that provide deals in crores.

6) Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

Along with 14 undergraduate and 24 graduate courses, it offers courses with multiple variations. Additionally, it offers Ph.D. programs that cover areas such as social studies, business management, science, and architecture in addition to engineering. It offers the mess, stationery shop, salon, gym, gaming area, reading room, and laundry in addition to having 13 hostels, of which two are for female students and 11 are for male students. Additionally, it makes possible the guest room that each hostel offers.

According to placement data, 85% of students are fully placed and obtain offers from both domestic and international employers. The average cost for foreign packages is INR 2.17 crores, while the average cost for domestic packages is INR 1.92 crores.

7) Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

IIT Guwahati offers experienced teaching staff and well-qualified professors, much like all other IITs. It has a canteen, mess, juice bar, on-campus stationery store, gym, and laundry room.

Each IIT has a communal TV room and central library. Wi-Fi connections work quite well. On campus, there are numerous basketball, football, and volleyball courts for the improvement of sporting events. Popular firms like Google and Amazon are available for hire, and the packages offered are roughly 20 LPA.

8) Birla Institute of technology and science (BITS)(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

The Birla Institute of Science and Technology, which was founded in 1901, enjoys excellent relationships with both its students and teachers. In 1943, Pilani became the location of the first campus. Later, it spread its branches throughout India and outside of it in places like Dubai, Hyderabad, etc.

The most renowned institution in the engineering field and for a number of courses, including BE, management, B pharma, and M.Sc., is BITS Pilani. For students to be admitted to these programs, the Birla Institute of Technology and Science holds entrance exams each year. It is ranked as the best private college in the country, and it comes in at number 25 in the NIRF rankings.

9) Vellore Institute of technology(Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

This institute, which was founded in 1984 and is located in the city of Vellore, offers a wide range of courses, including graduate, postgraduate, and research programs. The students can choose from dual integrated courses as well. Excellent placement rates have led to numerous employers offering positions to the entire average cohort. Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

Biotechnology, electronics and communication, and computer science engineering are the three fields where BTech courses are most in demand. For admission to the Vellore Institute of Technology, students must pass the required exam and meet the minimum cut-off score. Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

10) Delhi Technological University (Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022)-

Previously called as Delhi College of Engineering, this college was established in the city of Delhi in 1941. Delhi Technological University is the name given to the institution after it became affiliated with the University of Delhi in 1962. Additionally, it offers a wide range of courses, including as BTech, MTech, MBA, and BBA degrees, as well as research programs. Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

While conducting the classes, both shifts are accommodated. Students must meet the minimum cut-off score to be admitted to this college, which is determined by the results of the joint entrance examination. For this institution, the NIRF rating is 34. Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

These All Are The Top Engineering Colleges in India 2022

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